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Jamie Yeo’s first foray into the entertainment industry happened in 1996 when she was cast in a Singtel call-waiting commercial. Two years of modelling followed, in which she appeared in numerous magazines and television commercials for brands like MacDonalds, Tangs and Neoprint.
Jamie’s target audience is wide and varied because of her body of work. Professionals from 20 yrs old – 50 yrs old still remember her in Mediacorp TV 5’s “Growing Up” (1997 – 2000), while the heartlanders recognise her from Mediacorp tv 8’s “Holland V” (2004) and “The Champions”. At the same time, she hosted one fo the  highest rated radio shows, Say it With Music, she was also very popular with the teenagers who voted her Favourite DJ in Lime magazine’s poll 3 years in a row!
Jamie’s passion for acting has also seen her in several well-known plays like “The Swimming Instructor” (1999), “Comic Potential”(2003) with Hossan Leong and Michael Chiang’s “Private Parts”(2004).
From 2006 – 2010, Jamie was a TV presenter at regional broadcaster ESPN Star Sports, hosting two highly rated weekly programs, “Football Extra” and “Football Crazy”, that each had a total audience of more than 10 milllion viewers around Asia. She was also host of the network’s immensely popular travel series, “Soccer Cities UK”. She also presented countless news bulletins on the network, like Star Sports’ Score Tonight and ESPN’s Sportscenter.
Besides her on-stage and Television performances, Jamie has also become one of the most recognized faces around. She has graced the covers of countless magazines including 8days, Teen Magazine, FHM, New Man, and Her World.
Besides being a mother to an adorable 15 month old daughter, Jamie Yeo is now part of an exciting new threesome on The All New Power Breakfast Show on Power 98FM!