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An instantly recognizable face on the local events stage and perhaps the loudest voice on air, JK has earned a reputation for being one of the most energetic radio jocks in recent years. He currently rocks the night time airwaves on Power 98FM. As one of The Straits Times’ “DJs under 30 to look out for”, JK’s exuberant personality and humour has been a mainstay in local radio since 2010.
In his time at Power 98FM, JK has spearheaded many campaigns for a variety of clients including Ben & Jerry’s, Clear Men, Red Bull, and Nestle. Particularly, project "Operation Command & Deliver" (targeted at National
Servicemen) for SingTel, won a Singapore Media Award for
“Best Use of Radio”. This helped SingTel garner a 30%
increase in Youth Plan Signups.

Experienced and excellent in interviews, JK has hosted stars like Mel B of the Spice Girls, Andy Cole & Denis Irwin of Manchester United, F1 legend Mark Webber, Olympic champion Allyson Felix, as well as YouTube stars like Bethany “MacBarbie” Mota, David Choi and Tosh Zhang.
JK is also particularly well known for hosting races. These include Nike’s We Run SG, the 2XU Compression Run, The SAFRA Singapore Bay Run, and many more. His hosting repertoire stretches from intimate to large-scale events, with clients like MINI, Exxon Mobil, SONY, American Express, NIKE, Reebok, Real Estate World Asia, LG Electronics and MINDEF.
JK is an alumnus of the University of Western Australia, and was the face for their UWA Open Day campaign in Singapore. He is also a massive football fan with a passion for sports, and dreams of being a football commentator one day. JK is engaged and hopes to acquire his dream flat at McNair Road, with a MINI Cooper, 2 beagles, and 3 kids.

Fully Charge Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds

Battery's dead... again? Here's how you can charge your smartphone in 30 seconds

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Tips for the I-Phone (Battery)

So… you’ve got yourself a spanking brand new shiny iPhone 5/5s… now besides sending photos on whatsapp, surfing the net and making calls, there’s really not much else you know about this little fragile thing of beauty…

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Father's Day gifts

Ahhh… Father’s Day…
Sadly for most families around the world, it just doesn’t carry the same ring & feel as Mother’s Day.

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Letters… you know, I always find myself wondering what’s inside them… especially so if they aren’t mine!

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Angry Birds

With a 5 special editions, children's books, and even soft drinks named after them, Angry Birds is seriously going places...

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Face Swap

Heya tech junkies! It's time to check out Wired's COOLEST App of the week!

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4 reasons to check out the Samsung Galaxy S4

Time to check out the latest in the world of tech!

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What is Spotify

Greetings my fellow techies!

It’s time to check out the hottest thing from the world of tech this week!

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JK's Ultimate Tasmanian Adventure

Ahhhh… Tasmania… just thinking about it puts me in the clouds and brings back all sorts of sweet delicious memories.
A couple of months ago I had the fortuity to fly down under to cover the Mark Webber T asmanian Challenge as well as to discover Tasmania courtesy of the good folks at Qantas and Tourism Tasmania, and my goodness what a trip it was.

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Love is All Around

A big fat genuine smile that beams from ear to ear.

Sparkling tears of joy that streaks down the cheeks.

Stirring all kinds of feelings, emotions, and memories deep inside.

And then, a long deep breath, to savour the moment.

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Desire... It comes in Different Forms

Every once in awhile... there'll be something in your life that will somehow find its way into the utmost extreme recesses of your mind.
It stimulates exhilaration inside you. It kindles an unexplainable excitement from within. It thrills you at just the very mere notion of it.

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Growing up with McDonalds

It doesn't matter who you are, where you're from, or what it is that you do for a living...

Most, if not every single person on our sunny shores has had some sort of memory at this very place.

You might have come here as a kid to celebrate your friend's 7th birthday party.

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A Birthday To Remember

Ahhh... Birthdays...
If there's one thing in life that I absolutely enjoy planning for (besides striking it rich), it's birthdays...
Okay I know I know, it's a looot of work… but also, HEAPS of fun!

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