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Hanli Hoefer

With a sense of calm confidence and easy grace way beyond her years Hanli Hoefer will light up a room with her infectious charm. Hanli has spent the last four years at MTV as the main VJ for MTV Asia and traveled around South-East Asia interviewing some of the world’s biggest music acts and fronting various MTV produced shows as well as hosting live outdoor music events infront of audiences well into the tens of thousands. Hanli has interviewed hundreds of high-profile individuals and collectives ranging from musicians, DJs, F1 drivers right through to politicians. She considers herself to be a bit of a “pop-culture” expert and is very passionate about great music. With her confident, easy-going conversation style, it is clear Hanli has mastered the craft of presenting. She’s already had two successful and fulfilling careers in modeling and TV hosting and is always looking out for her next adventure.

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