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Michael Tan

Michael’s love affair with radio began when he inherited his first hi-fi set at the age of 13. Tuning in to Power 98FM and making his first radio dedication later that night, Michael then made a promise to himself that he’d grow up to make everyone feel just as special as he did.

Armed with a mass communication major, Michael began his radio career with Radio Singapore International (RSI)– producing and presenting news and current affairs programmes for the nation’s only international radio station modeled after the UK’s BBC network. He also produced programmes and hosted a current affairs talk show on RSI’s compatriot station 93.8 Live. Answering a heartfelt call to join the world of music and entertainment, Michael then joined Power 98FM as a DJ – co-hosting the evening drive-time slot for a short time before helming a Saturday show while pursuing his studies.

Deciding to take a break so he could do a 360 and try something completely different, Michael took the skies as a flight steward with Singapore Airlines. His travels took him across major continents – where he got to speak different languages, meet people of every race and background and learn what it means to be kind and decent in a world shared by 6 billion people.

But globe-trotting adventures only go so far – and it wasn’t long before Michael realized that the only thing that would make him happy would be a long-awaited return to his one true love – radio. When he’s not busy with real life, Michael enjoys shooting the breeze with his best friends, racking up honour kills in World of Warcraft and playing in his little corner of the sandbox.

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